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Welcome to Anthony TX, a town in transition, a town on the move.

Anthony is the Gateway to Texas, it’s the first or last town depending on which way you are going.

As Anthony maneuvers through the 21st Century this community of 3900 population is located between two major cities, El Paso TX and Las Cruces NM which make us prime real estate. Anthony has a lot to offer from great view of the mountains, bike trails, walking trails, parks and a quiet place to call home.,_Texas

One of the greatest things about Anthony, and the thing I love most about Anthony, is the people. I am constantly amazed at how people come here with unique ideas and experiences and work together to create shared values and the vision for this wonderful place, for the place they have chosen to call home. All that Anthony has become and all that Anthony will be is rooted in their talents, dedication, and hard work, and I couldn’t be more proud than to serve as their Mayor.

While most everything you’ll need or want to know about Anthony is right here on the Towns website, our job at Town Hall is to help make our community successful, so don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of service.

As Mayor, I welcome you to our city and invite you to discover the many great things Anthony has to offer.


Martin Lerma, Mayor