The town clerk is appointed to the position by the mayor, with the consent of the town council. The town clerk serves a term concurrent with the mayor. The position is currently vacant.

The duties include:

The Town of Anthony, TX Town Clerk’s positions is set forth and described as a municipal officer (Town Clerk) according to the Texas Local Government Code Sec. 22.071. OTHER MUNICIPAL OFFICERS and the job duties are identified under the Texas Local Government Code Sec. 22.073. POWERS AND DUTIES OF TOWN CLERK but are not limited to said section. The Town Clerk is appointed by the Mayor and ratified by the Town Council. The Town Clerk is subordinate to the Mayor as described in the Texas Local Government Code Sec. 22.042. POWERS AND DUTIES OF MAYOR, “The mayor shall inspect the conduct of each subordinate municipal officer and shall cause any negligence, carelessness, or other violation of duty to be prosecuted and punished”.

 The Clerks duties include, but not limited to the following:

  • The Town Clerk of the municipality shall attend each meeting of the governing body of the municipality and shall keep, in a record provided for that purpose, accurate minutes of the governing body’s proceedings.

The Town Clerk shall:

  • engross and enroll all laws, resolutions, and ordinances of the governing body;
  • keep the corporate seal;
  • take charge of, arrange, and maintain the records of the governing body;
  • countersign all commissions issued to municipal officers and all licenses issued by the mayor, and keep a record of those commissions and licenses;       and
  • Prepare all notices required under any regulation or ordinance of the municipality.
  • The Town Clerk shall draw all the warrants on the treasurer, countersign the warrants, and keep, in a record provided for that purpose, an accurate account of the warrants.
  • The Town Clerk serves as the general accountant of the municipality and shall keep regular accounts of the municipal receipts and disbursements.
  • The Town Clerk shall keep each cause of receipt and disbursement separately and under proper headings.
  • The Town Clerk shall also keep separate accounts with each person, including each officer, who has monetary transactions with the municipality.
  • The Town Clerk shall credit accounts allowed by proper authority and shall specify the particular transaction to which each entry applies.
  • The Town Clerk shall keep records of the accounts and other information covered by this subsection.
  • The Town Clerk shall keep a register of bonds and bills issued by the municipality and all evidence of debt due and payable to the municipality, noting the relevant particulars and facts as they occur.
  • The Town Clerk shall carefully keep all contracts made by the governing body.
  • The Town Clerk shall perform all other duties required by law, ordinance, resolution, or order of the governing body.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Mayor.

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