Town of Anthony, Texas

COVID-19 Documents

Stimulus Fund

Anthony, Tx Stimulus Fund flyer. Applications can be picked up on Dec. 17th 2020.​

Relief Funds

Articles of relief funds.

COVID Hotline

Disaster Proclamation

March 31, 2020 state of disaster memo for Texas counties.

Executive Order

March 31, 2020 oder issued by Gov. Abbott

Order 7

Issued march 30, 2020.

COVID-19 Documents

Order 7 (Spanish)

Issued march 30, 2020.


A proclamation issued on March 18, 2020 by Gov. Abbott

Social Distancing Memo

Memo issed by Gov. Abbott on social distancing

March 19th Disaster Proclamation

Memo detailing proper COVID-19 prevention.

Election Advisory Memo

Memo detailing May 2, 2020 election procedures.

Essential Memo

Essential employee memo issued April 4, 2020.

Town of Anthony, Texas

Town of Anthony, Texas